August – December 2015 Grammy-award-winning music producer
August – December 2015

August saw Christopher enjoying concerts at the Salzburg Festival, purely for pleasure. The complete package of the town, surroundings and cultural events remains the most satisfying of all the major festivals, even if the demands both on the wallet as well as the waistline are considerable. It is still a great place to meet people. Later in the month Christopher was in Prague for a recording with the American pianist Andrew von Oeyen (with whom Chris has produced a couple of excellent solo recital albums). Andrew performed the G major concerto by Ravel, Saint-Saens Concerto No.3 and the Second Rhapsody by Gershwin (a better piece than the more famous ‘Rhapsody in Blue’). Emmanuel Villaume conducted the Prague Philharmonia . In September Chris was in Turin with the RAI Orchestra under the baton of Marco Armiliato for the debut recording of the wonderful young South African soprano Pretty Yende . Later that month Chris was in Madrid with the harpist Marie-Pierre Langlamet for a disc of concertos by Rodrigo and Ginastera. She was ably accompanied byOrquesta Nacionales de España under the baton of Juanjo Mena . Most of November was spent in the studio editing and mixing down various projects and also in Pisa with Pierpaolo Guerrini , Bocelli’s engineer, for the final post-production of “Aida”. In December the last recording of the year was in Purchase, New York with Augustin Dumay and the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra with the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto on the program, surprisingly the first time that Chris has recorded that work.

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